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Charlotte Eben’s presentation

@ 10:30 - 12:00

A replication attempt of Rigoni et al. 2013 – an open science example

In order to test whether a manipulation of laypersons’ belief in free will does have an influence on behavior, we tried to replicate the study by Rigoni et al. (2013). In the original study, the participants’ belief in free will was manipulated in a between-subject design and subsequent post-error slowing (PES) was measured. They found less PES in the group with reduced belief in free will compared with a control group. In our project, we implemented open science practices in every step. First, we programmed the experiment and wrote the analysis scripts with open source software. A ‘co-pilot’ checked all materials (Reimer et al. 2019). We used the same task procedure and free will manipulation (Crick text) as the original study and preregistered this design and analysis plan. We used an online procedure and a larger sample size (400 participants) in order to address concerns about statistical power. We found reduced belief in free will, after reading the Crick text. However, we did not find any difference in PES between anti-free will and control groups. All raw data and material were uploaded on OSF. The present study can be considered a high-powered failed replication attempt incorporating open science practices.

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