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George John presentation

février 10 @ 10:30 - 12:00

Volatility and fluctuations in preferences for Red, Yellow and Blue colours are indicators of personality traits and biological status.

Colour choice is the result of complex interactions between retinal neurophysiology and light. It is hypothesised that the sequence of preferences for the three primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue will provide cues to the personality of an individual. It is proposed that the fluctuations or volatility seen in the preferences, that are carefully recorded over a large number of observations can be used to interpret personality types. The data from a sizeable number of subjects will be used to identify similarities in colour preference patterns that match with personality types that have been determined using standard tools.
The methodology to be followed is described. The focus will be on recording the colour preference choice that is based on ‘impulse’ ie; one that is a momentary response. It is perhaps, one that emerges from an ‘imprint’ in the subject. It is hypothesised that the ‘impulse choice’ is a ‘deep seated’ one, and one that is not influenced by any extraneous factors like reasoning within the subject or due to an attempt by the subject to randomise the choices. The second choice to be studied would be a ‘considered choice’ ie one where the subject can arrive at the choice after deliberation within himself.
The data generated thus can be extrapolated to read the biological and physiological conditions also. It would be interesting to study conditions/diseases where the opsin gene expression is impacted due to ‘common pathways’ between the opsin gene expression and the disease conditions.


Date :
février 10
Heure :
10:30 - 12:00