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How Mobile Phone Use Affects Relationships: Towards Novel Theoretical and Methodological Developments – Michal Frackowiak

@ 1:00 - 2:00

Mobile phone use has entered daily lives and revolutionized how partners interact. The instantly accessible connection to the Internet, however, has begun to prompt people to use their mobile devices in ways that may interfere with interpersonal dynamics. One of them entails a co-present mobile phone use in interactions, known otherwise as phubbing, technoference, smartphone multitasking, etc. Psychological research has investigated phubbing in couples in the recent decade in terms of (i) its predictors, (ii) effects on self, and (iii) on relationships. Whilst the existing research offers some knowledge about predictors and impact of phubbing behaviors, there are several unsolved problems, e.g., related to the conceptualization, poor contextual assessment, or dismissal of complexity of the bheavior. Addressing them is crucial to improving and strengthening the weak link between theoretical development and study design, arguedto be the main cause of the replicability crisis in psychology (Bringmann et al., 2022). This talk will offer a summary of a research plan of M. Michal Frackowiak that he will conduct at Ghent University (Belgium), as part of the Mobi.Doc scheme with his supervisory team and Professor Dr Mariek Vanden Abeele. In his talk, Michal will cover his research plans for the next six months, and explain how future research may address the existing problems.


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