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Laura Vowels – Initial Efficacy of App-Based Sensate Focus Therapy for Treatment of Sexual Desire Discrepancy in Couples

@ 10:30 - 12:00

Between 25-69% of couples experience problematic sexual desire discrepancy making it among the most common sexual health problems and can have serious implications for relationships. However, there are no outcome studies on effectiveness of treatments for desire discrepancy (Girard, 2019). Because face-to-face therapy is expensive and often unavailable, alternative options are needed. In the present study, we evaluate effectiveness of delivering a sensate focus program in an app format. 30 participants completed up to eight weeks of a sex therapy app Blueheart with their partner. The results showed that the programme was easy to follow and seen as relevant; participants’ sexual functioning and satisfaction improved over the course of treatment; and qualitative interviews highlighted ways in which the improvements occurred. The results suggest that app-based sensate focus can be an effective treatment for couples with problematic sexual desire discrepancy which can be a more cost-effective treatment than traditional face-to-face therapy.


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10:30 - 12:00


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