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Caro Hautekiet Talk – Is the switch cost between the internal and external focus of attention asymmetrical? A replication study of Verschooren et al. (2020)

@ 10:30 - 11:30
Geopolis 2137

While some researchers assume that internal and external attention are interactive constructs, others argue that they should be considered separate. One way of approaching this question is by investigating how easily one can switch between the internal and external focus of attention. Verschooren et al. (2020) examined the behavioral cost associated with switching between the …

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Béatrice Valentini – Comparing adults’ working memory search rates in sub-span vs. supra-span situations: a novel approach of developmental relevance.

@ 10:30 - 12:00
Geopolis 2137

Working memory (WM) is the limited-capacity system responsible for maintaining information. One proposed determinants of WM capacity is the speed needed to search information in WM, i.e. the WM search rate. This rate is typically studied with the item-recognition task, which requires judging as fast as possible whether a probe belongs to a previously-presented memory …

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